The mini-shuffle

And so ends the dead baby saga, the minister has been re-assigned we can all go about our business. But can we? what has this ‘removal’ shown us? I think it shows how little the politicians on both sides take us for collective fools and have scant regard and respect for us. Dr (dental) Ferguson had reigned over the health ministry since 2011 and it was clear even then that it was in shambles, a system that was at breaking point where viewing time had been cut anecdotaly in public clinics to five minutes so that this has happened is not a shock. What is a shock is that this minister who knew before hand that the system is broken refuses to either acknowledge or change the system. He had opportunity to change things during the chik-v drama and he dropped the ball.

He dropped the ball during the hand-foot and moth scare and he certainly got hit in the face with the ball in this incident. But it is not his incompetence or his failure on duty that shocks me (one expects ministers to fudge about) but the reluctance of the party to do anything about him. Mr Ferguson was churlish, rude, dismissive and very aloof during his tenure and has always left a bad taste in ones mouth and it is clear now that he is incompetent and still he stays on.

Like the Mike Henry saga in 2011 it shows that our political leaders put more faith in there parties and its members than in the betterment of the Jamaican people. Mike Henry much like our present embattled minister was accused of gross dereliction of duty and was simply relieved, people said nothing. Minister Ferguson has been removed and we are piping because this time it’s children. We need a system of accountability whereby under-preforming ministers and m.p’s can be recalled. We the people need to rise up and say enough of this partisan madness where Ferguson and Mike stay because they have seats and parishes locked.

Enough is enough and this may be the spark that ignites the change, lets hope for the best.


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