Big man politics

Jamaica has a democratic history stretching back to the forties, but in that time politics have been dominated by nine persons. Who you may ask, the party leaders is my reply. Jamaica with the Westminster system really only allows for two parties, and this is exacerbated when it is a small nation.

The Westminster system breeds donmanship, it has the party leader as the be all and end all because they are by extension the prime minister or leader of the opposition. We need to move away from politics based on patronage and this starts at the very top.

A system of proportional representation is needed, as is the direct election of the PM and Senate. This would ensure that the system of patronage ends, this would cut away the power of the big man of of politics.

This would mean that the representatives elected wouldn’t be beholden to the party line and could vote in ways that benefit the country and not there political career. Hopefully we can get there soon.


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