CARICOM, still failing Haiti

This January marked five years since the tragic earthquake that hit Haiti, this year also marks one for the transition of power through a general election. Unfortunately the rubble is still there and elections have been postponed.

Where has CARICOM been, and why are they so quiet on the Haiti issue? For years Jamaica and the wider CARICOM nations have led the fight for Haiti, but as a recent editorial stated, we seem to have grown weary of Haiti and what seems to be there constant troubles.

But sitting back and washing of hands will do nothing, on the contrary, we will actually feel it even more. Haiti is awash with guns, and many criminal enterprises operate out of Haiti.

As Jamaica knows only too well, Haitian gangsters are more than willing to exchange there guns for our ganja, and now meat. This is one by product of letting Haiti slip into lawlessness. It is clear that the U.N. is too far removed to do anything, while America bungles things up as per usual when it comes to Haiti.

CARICOM nations, with our shared culture and history, should be taking the lead. We have everything to gain from a stable prosperous Haiti and we pay dearly if they fail. With that kind of vested interests we can’t afford to be backseat drivers, we must take action to secure Haiti.

This may mean boots on the ground to take over from the U.N. this may mean high level summits to hash out a future palpable to all sides. We need to act fast, things could easily slip into something far worse than what we are currently seeing.

In short, if CARICOM is to have any shred of relevance in the twenty first century, if they truly believe in regionalism and unity the Caribbean nations will act. Claiming fatigue or a lack of funds is a cop out of the highest proportion, we will be watching to see if they practice what they preach, or if they will let Haiti rot.


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