Taking people for fools

As the election heats up we hear both parties now promising us all sorts of goodies. Low taxes, more jobs, more water and lower electricity bills. All of this is good, but the question is where was this before and how much trust should we place in there hands?

We have been promised jobs, by both parties, but unfortunately these jobs are all either in tourism or call centers. These jobs while good for a school leaver are not good enough for the college graduate with a family to feed, this can be seen in India once the BPO hub now wondering what to do because educated youth refuse to work in call centers.

As it relates to the national companies, one party wants to privatize them all, including the NWC. This is wrong and smacks of neo liberalism.

Why on earth would one want to privatize water the life blood of humanity? How will this work in Jamaica where corruption and cronyism is rampant? Will it be sold to a foreign company or will local bidders get preference?

They say that they will lower taxes by raising the threshold for income tax, but have failed to adequately explain how the shortfall will be recouped. How will this square with the IMF that both parties say they will listen to, and more to the point will members of parliament be exempt?

We have heard musings of fixing our water supply but still, almost sixteen days till election we are yet to hear a concrete plan. The same can be said of downtown beautification, all talk and still no plans.

It is clear that both parties hold the voting public in low regard. The voting public must register there dissatisfaction in this election and make it be known that the JLPNP can’t take us for fools anymore, concrete plans or third party.


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