Can the young Turks make it?

The PNP have been in office for twenty two of the past twenty seven years, only interrupted in 2007, and have shown a strong and united front in both the constant victories and the rare defeats.

But something different is happening, something you can feel. Portia for all practical purposes is dead politically and everyone knows this now, especially after the defeat and jockeying for positions have already begun in the background.

The old guard refuse to budge, and if they do it is going to be at a time of there choosing so they are slowly coalescing around a single candidate. The old guard I believe know what a messy succession can do to a parties electability prospects, they will remember the JLP in the 90’s and want a quick succession. My personal view is that Peter Phillips, the media’s darling, won’t get it simply because the delegates won’t forgive him of this electoral debacle.

Persons on the ground say that Mr youthful exuberance is being touted as a candidate by the old guard and that must be shocking for the PNP and the Y.O. For a man as tainted as him to be touted as a potential leader shows you what a state the party is in, if he were to get it that would be to condemn the PNP to losing the middle class for at least a generation.

That then leaves the young Turks in a tricky position, they right now are not a united force as they have quite a few in those ranks who want the ultimate mantle. They need to realise that the division plays into the hands of the old guard. With so many young prominent PNP members having fallen afoul of party elders and delegates it’s hard to see certain persons making a push for it, worse still if they don’t have a seat they can comfortably call there own.

Step forward Julian Robinson, here is a man with youth, fresh ideas, untainted by the elders, gets along well with delegates and firmly in control of his seat. He is a person around which the young Turks can make a push for power. While Julian strikes one as the lecturer that no one wants to have, he is extremely bright and may have what it takes to usurp the young Andrew.

The young Turks if they are wise will come together around Julian and form a winning team. Imagine for a minute, a PNP ticket consisting of Julian, Raymond, Damian, Lisa and Mark? That surely is a team that can not only muster enough internal support to wrest power from the old guard, but also a team that is young, willing to listen and learn all while doing things in a new fashion.

Whomever gets the nod, the youngsters need to act fast. With the election still not over (recounts are ongoing), the political funeral has not really begun, the young Turks should take this time of confusion and map out a plan because certain dinosaurs will only leave if dragged kicking and screaming.


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