My parents generation failed us.

My parents were born in the late 50’s early 60’s and came up during Jamaica’s ‘golden age’, where the economy was humming albeit with inequality levels that would make one’s eyes water. They were shaped by the 70’s and 80’s politics and got there chance in 89.

Needless to say the story ended badly as that generation allowed for whatever reasons an unimaginative PNP steer the ship for nigh on two decades.

That generation that lived through some exciting times politically with achievements not limited to one party (see HEART and NHT), instead of acting boldly and with vision fell into a stupor that they haven’t recovered from.

A generation raised on issues based politics fell back on partisan lines, a generation led by giants such as Manley and Seaga has offered up nothing that can match them in spite of more opportunities. A generation that received so much now offers so little politically.

This is not to say that they haven’t been successful in other areas, who in the 50’s could have dreamt of black bank tellers let alone a large black middle class?

Socially we have come a long way and our parents deserve credit for that, but politically they have failed us. The fact is that they gave us seventeen years of stasis by voting consistently for the PNP and not for shaking up the JLP hierarchy sooner.

The question now is, will my generation that came of age in 07 follow our parents lead. Will we allow for shoddy leadership and will we allow for partisan issues to separate us or will we unite? That is a question that fast needs answering because Jamaica can’t afford another bad generation politically.


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