Interesting times at Hope Road

The recent sounds coming out of PNP hq are very interesting to see what with the heated campaign to replace Dr Omar Davis and the subtle but obvious race to replace Portia Simpson-Miller as party leader.

There are two things however that seem to have been overlooked by most people. The first is that the race for ‘jungle’ is a proxy race for the PNP presidency. Mark Golding is joined at the hip to Bunting and if Golding wins the seat expect him and his delegates to vote for Bunting. That would be two sets of delegates firmly in favour of seeing Bunting take the throne. Collins Campbell on the other hand is a seasoned veteran and card carrying member of the old guard. If Campbell were to get the seat I would be shocked if he didn’t put his political weight behind Peter Phillips who is being heavily backed by the old guard and Paulwell.

The second interesting thing that has gotten little in-depth coverage is that of the young Turks. With Lisa Hannah now explicitly stating that she is only looking for the vice-presidency of the party we have to ask what is happening there? With Lisa being so vociferous and vocal in the parties need for youth in top positions I can’t see her being satisfied with a token vp position.

Could it be that the Turks are indeed coalescing around a candidate? Patrick Roberts comments on Julian Robinson running for the party leadership still hangs in the air and was met with no outrage or spin by the Robinson camp. We also have Crawford who is still very active within the party and he will have a larger platform with his radio show, who will he throw his support behind?

That they as individuals (the Turks) have given up on aspirations of power and change within the party is unlikely. Another unspoken possibility is that of the Turks aligning with Dr Phillips. I do not agree with that tactic for two reasons, firstly Dr Phillips is a product of the old guard and the PNP members want a shakeup, and secondly while he has his times he doesn’t think outside the box enough as seen with the IMF program where we passed as a nation but we the individuals barely felt the effects of it.

Maybe the young Turks are running an insurgent campaign, the average party member is miffed to put it mildly and the young Turks represent the best chance for them to get the change that they want within the party so for the sake of the party faithful who for too long have been sold a dream by the party leadership I hope that the young Turks are not giving up but campaigning in silence.


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