The devil and the deep blue

Refill your popcorn and find a comfortable position to sit in, election season is not over yet. With Europe and the Caribbean all doing it and giving us surprises we now have the humdinger we have all been waiting for, the US presidential elections.

The primaries are over and we have our presumptive nominees, and boy what a choice the Americans have. In the republican corner we have real estate mogul Donald Trump. Now what can be said about the Donald that hasn’t already been said, he is boorish, brash, poorly educated on foreign relations, belligerent and could be slightly insane, and that is without him stating any real policy.

The fact that he has won the republican nomination is both a surprise and expected. A surprise because who could have thought that in today’s politically correct world that a man espousing such open vitriol could get the  nomination? However it was expected at some point in time, the republicans have long planted the seed of hate and divisiveness and it was expected to bite them in the rear, I just didn’t see the Donald coming and giving it legs.

While the republican option is bad, the democratic nominee is not really any better. Step forth Hillary Clinton a woman who has more scandal than a supermarket, a woman who broke the law then lied for months about it, a woman who has never met a war she didn’t like, a woman who is way too cozy with big business and a woman whose foreign policy led the US to further destabilize north Africa and beyond. 

That is a lot to chew on, but that is what America and by extension the world have as it relates to choices for the US presidency. The two most unpopular candidates, the choice is the devil and the deep blue.

It is sad because the election up there will affect the world. Trump for all his bluster is an unknown, he could be doveish if he maintains his isolationist stance, but then his bluster and saber rattling could lead us into WWIII. His open racism and disdain for immigrants could have an acute effect on the Caribbean. Hilary on the other hand is a known candidate, she is a hawk and buys wholeheartedly into the ‘do it at all costs and damn the consequences’. She is not afraid to lend weight to coups and threatening activists either as her ‘masterstroke’ in Honduras shows.

This election provides two terrible options for the region on a whole, with Trumps anti immigrant posture and isolationism, if he is elected we can expect a wave of returning residents who have made the U.S. home. If Clinton is elected we can expect more pressure from the white house to tow the American line with our abandoned port deal with the Chinese.

America this is what you, we have. A man who at the very least is an ultra nationalist versus the very embodiment of the political system that is eating away at your democracy and the worlds safety by extension. Regardless of who wins the world loses and we will slip ever closer to a new dark age, this time with nuclear weapons, we may not see light for some time to come.


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