Men under siege

Our men are under siege and are involved in a daily and often times ignored fight for there lives. While women’s issues rightly are at the forefront of our minds and actions and rightly so as historically (and today still) they have been used, abused and ignored, we have at the same time in this society taken our eyes off of the men and boys and we are now reaping the deadly fruits.

When it comes to the raising of our young men we have failed miserably, take for example work ethic. We as a society complain and moan that our men have no drive and or ambition, what do you expect when we live in a society where boy children are mocked and called mama man when they do housework or even wash? How do you create a lust for success and ambition when our boys are either treated as little princes or a thugis?

When it comes to education we have the same issues, boys are given the rough treatment and we are seeing the negative results. Girls (again for just and correct reasons) have been pushed and fed the line that education and a thirst for knowledge is the key to life, as such girls and women are now doing exceedingly well educationally (though more could be done). At the same time boys have for years been left to there own devices, been told boys will be boys, ignored as they gravitate towards role models who call education and knowledge ‘girly’ or ‘gay’ and now boys and young men make up around twenty to thirty percent of our colleges and are mainly stuck in hellish jobs (if they work at all).

Social interaction again we have the same problems. While girls are taught to be polite and respectful boys are again left wanting, left to imitate ‘role models’ who are shocking examples of manners etc.

We want our men to respect women and treat them well (as we should) yet we berate a child because he is a virgin or congratulate a child for losing his virginity to a grown woman (which is a crime). How can we expect our men to respect our ladies if they are not taught from early on that certain things you don’t do?

A serious change needs to be made in how we raise our young men and it needs to happen fast if we are to both hold back the rising tide of crime and actually grow the economy. With most crimes being committed by under and unemployed men, with men making up the majority of victims of violence and with men abusing women (both verbally and physically) it is obvious that our men need some form of attention lest the situation become worse.

This change is happening, but at a slow pace because it is mainly charitable agencies doing this. Men need attention, but not at the expense of women, this much is obvious. If the state really wishes to curb the bad behavior in our men then they must start when they are boys. It can be done, with boys taking lessons while their mothers are at the clinic etc, and though it may not sound nice to say a bit of attention on the men would go a long way towards stemming the rise in spousal murders and abuse.

Let us hope that this change is done fast, if not the nation will continue to stagnate as only half the workforce would have qualifications to work and the seeming increase in spousal murders will continue to rise as our men and boys continue down the path of self-destruction


One thought on “Men under siege

  1. You have made some good points here. Indeed we need to look at the situation of both men AND women… beginning with their socialisation from an early age. For boys, a “coming of age” recognition of some sort seems to work in other cultures. In Jamaica, both boys and girls are often prematurely forced into adulthood with no understanding of where they are going and no guidance. It is terribly sad.


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